BAD DOG! Dealing With A Dangerous Dog!

Are you a Landlord? Are you a Homeowner? Are you a Dog Owner?

If so – BEWARE – you may be liable if your dog or  your tenant’s dog BITES someone! Florida statutory laws on dangerous dogs and dog bites/attacks are complex. Below, is a brief summary of those laws so that you can attempt to avoid liability and/or in the alternative, you will know what you should do if you find yourself in an “unfortunate dog bite situation!”  Continue Reading »

Timing is Everything When It Comes to Florida Construction Defects Cases

So you found something wrong, (a defect), with the construction on your property. Now what? From the discovery of the defect – the steps you take as the “commercial property owner” or the “residential property owner” to preserve all available evidence and claims against the responsible parties are of paramount importance. Florida law has tedious notice requirements that must be given to the potential defendant before the property owner can file lawsuit for construction related defects. Often times, the required crucial steps that MUST be taken before the suit can be filed, are not known by the property owner. Failure to adhere to Florida’s statutory notice requirements can result in claims of spoliation of evidence or it may even negatively affect the outcome of your care – monetarily! Continue Reading »

Something To Think About

About three months ago, my neighbor, who was only 48 years old, and in outwardly good health, bicycled to the gym for his usual work out and minutes after arriving at the gym – collapsed from a heart attack and died. My neighbor was survived by a loving wife and son who is only in high-school. Below, is a little more information about the unfortunate position the wife is now in.

My 48 year old neighbor worked as an executive for a marketing firm for the past 6 years. He had a six figure income; a 125,000 401k, and a $50,000 life insurance policy through work. He and his wife owned a home (purchased for $350,000 – with a $300,000 mortgage still owed on the property). The wife was a stay at home mom. Continue Reading »