Have you uncovered an unfortunate surprise?  Is the house you recently purchased covered in Chinese drywall.  Is the cost to correct this issue is astronomical?  More importantly, is your health at risk?  “Chinese drywall” is a term used to describe a health problem involving drywall manufactured in China and imported to the United States starting in 2001. Importation of foreign drywall was further spurred by a shortage of American-made drywall due to the rebuilding demand of nine hurricanes that hit Florida from 2004 to 2005.

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Starting a New Business? Restructuring an Old Business? Why You Should Consider the LLC.

Starting a Business or Changing the Structure of Your Old Business?  Why you should consider… 


If you are starting your own business or if you are considering changing your business structure, a common first step is compare two of the most well-known business entities recognized under Florida Law –

The Limited Liability Company v. The S Corporation

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First, comes the engagement “ring”, second, comes the wedding “ring” and third, comes the “suffer-ring.”…Should I Protect My Assets? Is it Too Late?

I Do …. Do I?

First, comes the engagement “ring”, second, comes the wedding “ring” and third, comes the “suffer-ring.”

The most costly mistake of marriage can be made before you even walk down the aisle.  Last year, rising superstar, Katy Perry, learned this the hard way after deciding to end her 14 month marriage with British comedian, Russell Brand. Because the couple never signed a prenuptial agreement, Brand was entitled to an estimated $30 million from Perry’s fortune under California’s community property law. Even though Florida is not a Community Property State – You still need to protect your Assets. Continue Reading »