Do any of these 10 scenarios apply to you?

If yes, You should consider consulting with an experienced estate planning attorney to make sure your family is properly provided for, to make sure your assets are protected and will be distributed as you wish and to make sure your estate can avoid the time, expense and headaches of Probate Court.

  1. You have Minor Children.
  2. You own Real Property.
  3. You support a Family Member or Friend who depends on you financially or who has Special Needs.
  4. You tried to “Do-It-Yourself” and created your own estate plans.  9 out of 10 “Do-It-Yourself” plans are NOT executed in compliance with Florida law, are invalid, outdated or Not properly funded.
  5. You own a Business or hold Interest in a Business.
  6. You are Divorced, yet still have in place your estate plans that were drafted when you were married.
  7. You and your Spouse have Children from a Previous Relationship.
  8. You have a Pre-Marital Agreement or Post-Marital Agreement.
  9. You do not have a Designated Health Care Surrogate to make medical decisions for you in the event you cannot. You do not have an Agent designated in a Financial Power of Attorney  to make financial decisions for you in the event that you cannot.
  10. You own any Asset in your Name Only, such as a Vehicle, Boat, RV, House, Checking Account or Savings Account, Stocks, Bonds, etc…
“Ms. Horton drafted my family estate plans for me at a very difficult time in my life.  Not only was she knowledgeable abut the law, but she explained it to us in a way that my family and I understood.  She listened to what we had to say and she drafted an estate plan for us that was exactly what we wanted.”
-The Honorable David G. Brown – San Diego Superior Court
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